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Nice start! I like the sound of the synth and that dark vibe at the beginning. Buildup is good but could maybe use a bit more variation and a more work on the dynamics. The mood jump, when the piano is cutting in around 50 sec, is interesting. The breakbeats afterwards are pretty cool. I usually like the mixture of electronic stuff with orchestral parts but here I have the feeling that the strings, starting around 1:30 don´t fit into the mood of the track. Especially around 1:41 they are tonally a bit off.

Since this is a review for a review - review, I try to be a bit more critically than in just a random thrown out review. In my oppinion, you have a nice start here but not really a full track. The ending is very abrupt without and cadencing or dynamic swelling beforehand. A fadeout would already help a bit, although people always claim a fadeout is a no go.

Also the track is a bit repetitive at the moment. There are mainly two parts. The nice build-up at the start (which I really like) and the DnB part after the drop. In both parts you basically loop a single chord progression. There are a few simple tricks that can easily help you to give the track a bit more variation. An easy trick is just to tranpose you whole track by a few semitones. You will see that, depending on how many semitones you transpose your sequences, it will give you a very different mood. Transpose everything by one semitone will give a very dark mood for example. Then you can mess around with the chords. Or transpose everything from major to minor (or vice versa).

Finally, you can play a bit with the dynamics. For example: Fade out various instruments and make a drum break. Afterwards you start building up again, or bang: Just cut in with all your instruments after, for example only your piano or strings were playing. These are just some ideas...

Sorry, I cannot say really much about the mixing here. My headphone cable just broke and I just listened to the track over my cheap speakers.

Keep it up!

jojojeux responds:

Thank you so much for the in-depth review. I look to take this to heart in my future compositions.

Nice chord progression! Also I really like the arpeggios starting around 14 sec. Overall the sound design is very nice and the track is also well mixed. I have to say for my taste the mix is a bit too bright because I more like the dark kind of tone. This is only a matter of taste of course and I can see in your description that you were aiming for that bright atmosphere. My main point of critique for your track is the repititiveness. You basically only have one part that loops over the whole track and that is actually quite long. There are some really easy things you can do to give the track a bit more variation. You can start by transposing it just a few steps up or down. Then give the drum patterns some more variation. At the end it would be best to do a second counterpart were you change the chord progressions. Maybe also give some attention to the drops, which can be a completely different part for their own. Keep it up!

Nice! Would fit perfectly to a dark souls like boss fight. I really like the dark atmosphere of the piece. The strings at the beginning are nice and creepy and the dissonance is cool and not too strong to be displeasing. Also the louder part where the full orchestra crushes in is well done and very immersive.
The main problem I see is repititiveness (me saying after I just finished a minimalistic, repititetive, slow Jazz piece using only two chords, lol). If it´s just in the background of a game it could be okay but even then it can be tough if you are repeating the same level again and again and hear the same music all the time. The are different kinds of solutions. You use a nice little motif here and it´s cool how you play around with it and cycle it through the instruments. An easy way to get variation would be to transpose the motiv here and there. Also you could add another motif and switch between two parts. Also you could play around with the dynamics. At the moment you have two parts, one relatively quiet but swelling slowly. The other one very loud. You could already put a smaller climax into the first part, then take back the dynamics a bit and let them swell into the scond part. The you can also reduce the dynamics for a while by taking some instruments out, maybe even a short solo creating tension and then boom again at the end making a climax for the finale.
Just some thoughts... Hope this helps! Keep on doing cool stuff!

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Cool! It´s quite awesome that you draw, too. I didn´t know this... I like this one most. Probably do too obvious halloween reasons ;) It´s quite trippy and abstract. I can´t help myself but it also seems that it has something from Five nights at Freddy´s mixed with poker... The cartoonish style is quite cool, too. I by myself completely suck at drawing so unfortunately can´t really give any productive feedback...
Anyway, keep it up!!!

You did all these pictures by spraying??? Wow, that´s pretty awesome I have to say. You are really gifted!

Ceevro responds:

Yup. I love the medium. It's super-fast, and really cheap (go to an art supply store, and you'll see what I mean really quickly). Everything I do is with rattle-cans and household garbage. I use everything from old dishes to grocery bags to newspapers to kitchen sponges to sweat socks. The only pieces of actual ART stuff I own are a single palate knife, and a plastic paint brush I stole out of an old water colour set for kids. Most paintings take less than 20 minutes to create - the secret is to move faster than spray paint dries...which can be a real challenge!


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