Red Traces... Run! Jazz Song
Biker Nomads from Mars Synthwave Song
Jezebel Jazz Song
...and the Rain couldn´t save her Ambient Song
The Beast in the Sky Cinematic Song
Dispnoea Cinematic Song
A Spook in Bale Manor Cinematic Song
Winter Valley Ambient Song

2015 Submissions

Happy Christmas (Singalong) Brit Pop Song
Tick Tack Cinematic Song
Temple of the Ancients Cinematic Song
Cold Worlds Experimental Song
Chuckles likes children Cinematic Song
Le Voyage Cinematic Song
Clockwork Waltz Cinematic Song
The House by the Cemetary Cinematic Song
Sunrise at Midnight Jazz Song
Cyborgdetective Blues Loop
Africa (Singalong) Indie Song
Dark Forest Cinematic Song
To Be With You (Singalong) Indie Song
The Grave Classical Song
The King´s Daughter Video Game Song
One big snake Cinematic Song
CTSG4: Anniversary Edition Cinematic Song
The Junkyard Ambient Song
Skeleton ship Cinematic Song
Echos Experimental Song
The network (WIP) Ambient Loop
Voices from beyond Experimental Song
Be there Cinematic Song
Somnambulant Goth Song
Time to go home Jazz Loop
Orange sky Classical Song
Surprise in blue Drum N Bass Song
Dreamsides Ambient Loop
Cheese (Country Remix) Country Song
Suddenly all alone Cinematic Song
The infernal cauldron Cinematic Song
The Alpine Elven Yodellers Classical Song
The Mongoose Affair General Rock Song
Things livin in sewers Ambient Song
Sleepy World Video Game Loop
Penguin Blues Jazz Song
Shiny Little Gloom Ambient Song
Dance of the Poltergeist Video Game Song
Deep within the Coal Mine Cinematic Song
The Sad Clown Cinematic Song
The Well Ambient Loop
Wooden Sphere Miscellaneous Loop
A tree in the sun Jazz Song
Der Wechselbalg (remastered) Cinematic Song
Ghost Train remastered Cinematic Song
Snow is falling Classical Song
Strange World (outro) Cinematic Song
L'amour est pour toujours Cinematic Song